What’s New From DAS – July 2024

June has been a Summer Squeeze, What Will July Bring?

The talk of the market has been the incredible strength in Nvidia (NVDA) and the influence that it’s had over the markets. Traders must be mindful of the “summer doldrums”. In this month’s blog, we discuss Nvidia’s meteoric rise, as well as what to look out for during the summer, and the increasing uncertainty heading into the November elections.

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Our Featured Customer

We are looking for current users of the DAS Trader platform to take part as a co-host of the DAS Trader Newsroom as a featured customer of DAS. You’ll have the chance to host alongside Mike DiGioia and discuss topics such as the markets and economy, as well as why you love the DAS Trader platform. If you are interested in being conidered as a featured customer, please fill out the featured customer form here.

DAS Trader Software Release

During the month of June, we released beta version of the platform. There are several updates and bug fixes, which can be reviewed here. If you are a beta tester, we recommend that you update to this latest beta version and report and issues. While we did not release a production version, we recommend that all users review our release notes and download the latest  production version, or use the Auto Upgrade feature under Tools > Auto Upgrade.

Weekly Webinars

Did you know that we hold weekly F.A.Q webinars? Be sure to join us every Wednesday at 4PM ET (market holidays excluded) to receive direct answers from our in-house trainers on all things DAS! Click RSVP for the next webinar.

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