What’s New From DAS – August 2023

Keeping an Eye on the Marco Setup while Trading the Micro Trend

Keeping an eye on the larger picture is critical, but what about the smaller trends and intraday movements? As a trader or investor, understanding market mechanics such as technical and fundamental analysis are pivotal to ensure a proper read on the market. In this month’s newsletter, learn more about how you can spot important data in the macro and micro trends and how you can use these to make more informed decisions.

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What’s New from DAS

Important iDAS Update

The latest update to our iDAS app allows users to save their accounts and more easily switch between accounts while using the app. This is especially helpful for users that have multiple brokerage or sim accounts.

Beta Update

During the month of July, we released Beta version This beta version includes both a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the software. This beta release also includes the highly requested feature of the chart crosshair being visible across multiple time-frame charts. There are several additional improvements, so click here to read the release notes and download beta version

Please follow @DASAlerts on Twitter to be notified of the release. We highly recommend all users to update to the latest version. You can review the release notes here and utilize the Auto Upgrade tool within DAS to ensure that you are running the latest version. Simply click Tools > Auto Upgrade to run the updater. You can learn more about the Auto Upgrade feature in our Knowledge Base.

Weekly Webinars

Did you know that we hold weekly F.A.Q webinars? Be sure to join us every Wednesday at 4PM ET (market holidays excluded) to recieve direct answers from our in-house trainers on all things DAS! Click here to RSVP for the next webinar.

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