What’s New From DAS – November 2023

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Register for the Fall #1 Best Trader Competition and show the world your trading skills. Use discount code: DASTrader50 at checkout and save $50 on the entry fee. The competition begins on Monday, November 6th. Compete against other day traders during the 18-day competition and make as much money as you can before Friday, December 1st to win!

Market Volatility has Returned as Expected, but so has War in the Middle East

Markets are now in correction territory. The recent volatility has been great for day traders and swing traders, but how much longer will this last? The war in the Middle East has put a damper on recent earnings for many companies. Despite overall beats on estimates, many stocks are continuing to fall. Learn about the recent patterns that have become visible in the major indicies, as they may give a clue as to what is to come.

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Do You Want Free Commissions for the Rest of 2023?

 One of our direct access brokers, SpeedTrader, is offering ZERO fees for the rest of 2023 and later, you get to name your own rate for 2024. Check out their offering below:

DAS Trader Software Release

During the month of October, we did not release any Beta or Production versions. However, we encourage all users to ensure they have the latest production version and to review our release notes.

Weekly Webinars

Did you know that we hold weekly F.A.Q webinars? Be sure to join us every Wednesday at 4PM ET (market holidays excluded) to recieve direct answers from our in-house trainers on all things DAS! Click here to RSVP for the next webinar.

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