What’s New From DAS – March 2023

Congratulations to our Winter #1 Best Trading Competition Winners!

This was an incredible competition and we are thankful for our sponsors CobraTrading.com and Benzinga for providing some amazing prizes. On Thursday, March 9th at 3PM ET, we will be hosting a Winner’s Circle Livestream on our YouTube channel. Please be sure to tune-in so that you can learn more about the winners and the strategies they used throughout the competition.

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The Inflation Roller Coaster Ride Continues to Weigh on the Markets

In this month’s newsletter, Michael DiGioia talks about the ongoing saga of inflation and the impact that that it has and will continue to have on the markets. Check out the blog to better understand how inflation may impact the stocks you trade. 

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What’s New from DAS



During the month of February, we released one production update and one beta update; production version: and beta version  These versions include a number of fixes and enhancements that are listed below:

Production Version


-Increased trend line accuracy when switching from higher time frame to lower time frame.
-Added more data source to RSI study.
-Added ADX period to DMI study.
-Added account ctrl parameter: Max Filled Order Number.
-Added checkbox “Alert for busted trade, total fills exceeding order shares etc.” to Trading Settings for abnormal trade behaviors.
-Added “Log Millisecond to log” option to log millisecond time frame to log file.
-Added option for SetVWAPAnchor and VWAPAnchorPeriod hotkeys to allow changing anchor period for specific VWAP study.
-CMDAPI: For SLPRICEINQUIRE, added “ALLROUTEWTTYPE1” to inquire all routes except type 1 routes (accept/reject offers).

Bug Fixes
-Bug fix – SetVWAPAnchor hotkey doesn’t cancel when right click.
-Bug fix – Chart alert can’t be placed over horizontal lines.
-Bug Fix – Fixed Volume by price freeze issue when drawing long lines.

Beta Version

-Advanced ladder view: added option to show last price line
-Advanced ladder view: added option to show LULD lines.
-Short locate: added option to send accid for route type 0.
-For Account Ctrl new style window: fixed Restore RemEQ(%) value issue.
-CMDAPI: NEWORDER: added support for FixTags parameter to set customized FIX tags.
-CMDAPI: updated ‘SCRIPT’ command to support multiple hotkeys seperated by ‘;’.

Bug Fixes
-Bug fix – when clicking Replace button on Montage window, a message box sometimes pops up.
-Bug fix – if order template has wrong account information then set to empty.
-Bug fix – large price number not rounded correctly when load into montage.
-Bug fix: new style account ctrl dialog freezes.

We highly encourage all users to update to the latest version. You can review the release notes here and utilize the Auto Upgrade tool within DAS to ensure that you are running the latest version. Simply click Tools > Auto Upgrade to run the updater. You can learn more about the Auto Upgrade feature in our Knowledge Base.

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