The Benefits of Hands-On, Live Training and Working with a Personal Trading Coach

If you would’ve asked me this two years ago, I probably would’ve had a different answer. But post-pandemic, and after two years of exclusive online meetings and digital learning, I cannot stress the benefits of a live learning environment. Years ago, we took for granted live learning because this is all we knew, but now things are in reverse.

The opportunity to learn live, and in a hands-on way, should be cherished and taken full advantage of. This is especially true when it comes to trading and investing. Firstly, trading technology itself is complex and has tons of features built into it. Learning how to use those features and apply it to trading takes years of experience. Seeing it done right in front of you, and learning how to use the technology is invaluable.

As for coaching, just like going to a gym and working with a personal trainer, half of the benefit is knowing that your activities will be reviewed by the trainer or coach. Therefore, making the sessions and keeping the sessions is a big part of reinforcing the discipline of regularly working out. The other benefit of the coach or trainer is that they challenge your limits while learning. The coach or trainer can provide personal appointed advice when the students’ limits are being tested. For example, in trading, that would be when and why to cut a losing position that is not working out as planned.

The perfect combination is when live education seamlessly flows through to positive mentoring and coaching. When you think about it, this is how things were learned by human beings for thousands of years, and it comes most naturally to us. First you were shown how to do something and taught it and then the teacher guided you through the experiencing of the subject-matter under real life circumstances.

For this reason, DAS Trader has put together a special live training session on June 12th, 2023 at the Nasdaq marketsite in New York City. Seating is very limited, and only 20 students will be able to attend to register or see what the training will cover click here.