MaxOut Trading Plugin for DAS

MaxOut Trading is a new plugin software available for DAS Trader Pro for automation of order placement and risk management through API integration. The developer of MaxOut Trading is Braven Ramirez, he started the development of his plugin to try and configure a software to simplify trading processes. Having a high interest for the future of trading and knowing a large percentage of trading is psychological, the development of MaxOut Trading began.

Partnering with highly skilled developers, the first goal was to configure the software to be compatible with DAS Trader Pro. This would enable direct access trading with the highest quality brokers for best executions and share locates available. The solution was DAS Trader’s CMD API. Through this port the plugin can have precise executions and run all automation processes, while keeping both the MaxOut and DAS Trader platform readily available.

Braven wanted the plugin to generate algorithms based upon user inputs, allowing traders to automate their current strategies, while keeping risk management a top priority. Many automated systems available use set parameters, needing to be tweaked as the market goes through its ever changing cycles. Being user generated allows MaxOut trading to be used in any market condition and not restricted to a certain type of market. Syncing up MaxOut Trading with DAS allows the retail trader to access automated trading without having to go through the painful process of learning how to code and back testing strategies. With no coding experience users can automates their own strategies with their favorite broker and DAS Trader at low cost.

The stock market is extremely volatile and managing many Limit orders, combined with Stop Market orders, and cover orders can be a headache, especially when traders try to take advantage of prime opportunities on multiple stocks. Scaling orders can be beneficial for having a prime entry average, helping to capitalize on opportunity throughout the day. To maintain organization, stay disciplined, and stay focused on your initial plan can be difficult.

The MaxOut Trading plugin allows automation of:

  • Order entries
  • Number of orders to scale positions
  • Risk Management
  • Profit Targets
  • Trailing Stops
  • Filtering Resistance and Support

Demoing MaxOut Trading can be done through a DAS training account to simulate how the user’s strategy will be replicated on live accounts. With DAS Trader’s real time simulator users can simultaneously trade their MaxOut Trading strategy with live trading to compare results.