Live DAS Trader Pro Training and Closing Bell Ceremony in NYC

Join us and learn to use the DAS Trader Pro platform live at the Nasdaq Marketsite and experience for yourself a Closing Bell ceremony! The Nasdaq Marketsite is at the crossroads of the world in Time Square, New York City. Exclusive, VIP events, and seating is very limited.

Trading platforms are very complex and have many hidden features that if you don’t know how to use, will remain a mystery to you. The first task in learning any skill is to learn the tools of the trade. In this era of online learning, there is nothing that surpasses learning live and in-person from true experts.

Let’s explain why it is important to know your trading platform inside and out: Trading is the hardest way to make an “easy living”. Knowing your tools helps you quickly and easily take advantage of market opportunities as they present themselves; knowing how to use your stock scanners such as the Trade Signal feature inside of the DAS Trader Pro platform will help you to identify gap trading ideas, news driven stocks, as well as risers and fallers quickly as they present themselves.

Most professional traders use hotkeys, rather than the traditional “point and click” execution. DAS Trader Pro has a powerful script building feature which allows you to build and program hot keys, so that it becomes easy to follow your trading disciplines. For example, you can create a hotkey to place stop orders on the trade immediately after it is placed, which allows you to reinforce your risk management discipline.

If you decide to join us for this VIP training event, we’re going to first start by building a trading layout from the ground up, from the perspective of what a trader needs to execute their trading plan as they interact with the markets using the DAS platform. We will go through each window in the DAS platform and explain its use from a trading perspective, and then place it into the trading layout fully customized for various styles of trading. We will make a scalping layout for those who trade on a very short term basis; we will make an intraday layout for those who scan the markets looking for high odds, technical opportunities, and we will make a swing trading and investing layout for those who try to identify longer-term moves. By the end of this one day event, your DAS Trading platform will become an extension of yourself so that your trading plan should easily be able to manifest itself on the markets.

This VIP only event has very limited seating, so don’t hesitate to sign up and join us in New York City at the NASDAQ Market site. We are offering an early bird discount of $100 off until May 1st, 2023.

Click Here to Sign Up with a $100 Discount

As an added bonus, after five hours of live DAS Training at the Nasdaq Marketsite, we will be attending the Closing Bell ceremony, where our VIP trainees will witness the Closing Bell. For most, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity! Trade well and we hope to see you on July 17th.