Special Offer for BBT members who trade their IB account with DAS Trader PRO


Step 1. Subscribe for monthly package below in which you will immediately gain access to DAS Trader PRO and enjoy FREE access to IEX Deep, Stock FLOAT & Forex data upgrade with your package.

PackagesMarket DataCost
IBT Deluxe Plus (Bonus access to iPhone/Android Interfaces)Totalview, IEX Deep, Fundamental and Forex data.
Includes DAS Replay Level 1.
IBT Deluxe (Bonus access to iPhone/Android Interfaces)Totalview, IEX Deep, Forex and Fundamental data.
Does NOT include DAS Replay
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Step 2. Complete the Authorization form below and submit a copy of your government issued ID with the IB Attestation Agreement. Once completed, it takes 24 hours to complete the linkage of your account on DAS.

This offer is NOT for Trial, Simulator or for any other broker. Also do NOT submit the Step 2 form before completing Step 1. An IB Subscription with DAS is needed before you can link an IB account to DAS Trader PRO.

Please wait for an email from DASTrader.com and InteractiveBrokers.com after submitting Step 2.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. DAS does NOT offer refunds on any purchases of data subscriptions or Add-On services. Once purchased, subscribers will retain access to the product and data until the end of their subscription period.